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Suriya’s dilemma

Kollywood hotshot Suriya has always been known for his impeccable choice of films and roles. However, there are times when even he makes errors too. Right now, something like that seems to have happened in case of the film ‘The Businessman’.Few months back, ‘The Businessman’ was planned keeping ...

Surya loses his big chance of ‘The Businessman’ to Mahesh Babu

A Big disappointment for Surya as he loses his offer to Mahesh Babu… The film titled ‘The Businessman’ was supposed to be a trilingual movie made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi directed by famous Tollywood director Puri Jaganath, maker of original version of ‘Pokkiri’. The film was to be produced ...

The Businessman : Surya and Puri Jagannath to Bollywood

There are many big names in Bollywood industry, big family’s, big banners. But RGV’S factory is a true exception. He came from south and set in, made his name and fortune in some years. Following the tracks of RGV, Telugu cinema’s most successful director Puri Jagannath is relocating ...
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