Name Surya-Jyothika’s Boy Child

There is a similarity between Surya-Jyothika and their family. All their names have been symbolizing what is called LIGHT? Surya means Sun, Jyothika means Jyothi and their child Diya means light.
Now get your chance of preferring a good and apt name related to LIGHT for the newborn baby boy.
Make sure, you are the best and we will finalize the best ones and credit them with the names…

Suriya’s dance number in Avan Ivan

National award winning director Bala’s forthcoming Avan Ivan will be a full-fledged commercial venture, i.e. made with the hope of declaring a profit. Reportedly actor Suriya will appear in a guest appearance in the film towards the climax. It is said that Suriya, appearing as himself, will perform a thrilling dance number in the film. (Remember Simran in Pithamagan?)

Starring Arya and Vishal in the lead roles, the film commenced its shooting schedule recently and will be completed within six months. Janani Iyer is one of the heroines. Yuvanshankar Raja scores the music in Avan Ivan, produced by AGS Entertainment.