Singam tamil Movie Review

Singam – Experience the Lion’s Roar

Banner: Sun Pictures, Big Pictures, Studio Green

Production: Kalanidhi Maaran, K.E. Gnyanavel Rajan

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Hari

Star-casts: Surya, Prakash Raj, Anushka, Vivek, Radha Ravi, Nasser and many others.

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

With most of the Sun Pictures’ previous films turning to be mediocre, the expectations weren’t actually more for this film ‘Singam’. In spite of promoting the film to a greater extent, the audiences had perceived this film to be yet another mass commercial film. Of course, ‘Singam’ is one such film but with a different treatment.

Trust us! ‘Singam’ is the best film of this season as the duo combo Hari-Surya is back together with a hat trick now. Singam has more reasons to watch as the film goes inclusive of entertaining elements. You have everything you expect from a good commercial entertainer.

Good work by Hari as the director has carefully penned an interesting screenplay and catchy plot with lots of raciness existing throughout the show.

The film is yet another cat and mouse game between goodie and baddie, but with a different treatment.

Durai Singam (Surya), a sincere and good police in Nallore takes up this job mainly because of his father insisting him to do. But he is as keen on taking up the cases as a family affair and puts them to an end with his gentle gestures. Then there is cute girl Kavya (Anushka) along with her sister Divya (Priya) – daughters of topmost businessman (Nasser). Kavya falls in love with Singam for his acts and even he reciprocates it.

But then, trouble comes in the form of Mayil Vaaganam (Prakash Raj), a big shot in Chennai ruining the lives of people by demanding ransom money by kidnapping their children. The initial level of clash ensues in the transfer of Durai Singam to Chennai and the clash continues between two of them.

What forms next is Singam making sure that he puts an end to his bad activities.

Firstly, Hari deserves all praises for his outstanding nature of screenplay. Starting from the very first scene, the audiences wouldn’t miss even a single shot as every scene is mind-boggling. Maybe, little heroism in lines and action sequences may get on for a disregard, but the fast-paced screenplay is really the best. Surya wins the appreciations as a mass-oriented cop. He is good at his mannerisms and proves himself as a commercial hero as well. Anushka, the hottie gets more scope to perform here unlike her other films where she used to appear for songs and later disappear.

Prakash Raj’s yet another best show after Ghilli as he gets equally powerful role as Surya. At many parts, he wins claps and whistles for his lines and body languages. Viveks comedy tracks are enjoyable and the performances of Radha Ravi, Nasser and Nizhalgal Ravi is justifying.

Musical score by Devi Sri Prasad is fantastic and the song ‘Kadhal Vandhale’ wins the applause. Cinematography is good at parts and editing adds more speed to the narration.

On the flip side, the stunts sequences are bit unbelievable as Surya steps into the shoes of Vijay as they break stones and poles apart with their fist of anger.

But the second half has such an interesting screenplay that every audience would be on the edge of their seats.

If you’re ready to bear few illogical factors like the stunt sequences, you will surely enjoy this film.

Make sure, you don’t miss it as Singam can be the best treat for this summer. Sun Pictures should have released this film by April itself instead of preferring Vijay’s Sura.

As of now, the film will win more profits than Surya’s previous film ‘Ayan’ itself and Sun Pictures can be happy about it.

Verdict: Best Commercial Entertainer… Don’t Miss It
Rating: 3.5/5

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Surya’s ‘Singam’ is ‘Yamudu’ in Telugu!

Tamil star Surya’s forthcoming anticipated flick ‘Singam’ which is all set to release on May 28 will be soon dubbed in Telugu. The title for Telugu version has been confirmed as ‘Yamudu’. The film is directed by Hari and glamorous actress Anushka plays the female lead opposite Surya.
The film will be a typical mass masala entertainer with all essential ingredients that attracts both mass and class audiences. Surya plays Dorai Singam, a dirty cop role in the film. Sun Pictures has acquired the release rights of the film.

Singam opens big

Right before 8 days of release, most of the theatres opened advance booking plans for Surya’s Singam. Across various parts of Tamil Nadu, the film’s plans have been opened and have got all the tickets sold out within short period of time.
Now that the film is opening at more screens across various parts of the globe, Sun Pictures is damn sure that it will be the biggest grosser erasing the records of Surya’s previous film ‘Ayan’.

Sathyam Cinemas opened the plans by mid-night on Wednesday and within half an hour; the tickets for the first three days including special shows have been sold out.

Sun Pictures released both the films of Surya and are happy about it. Within next couple of weeks, Singam will be released in Telugu with around 200-250 prints and this is somewhat equally big as any superstar’s film over there.

Suriya starrer ‘Singam’ to be biggest Tamil release in US

South Indian star Suriya’s ‘Singam’’ will be the first Tamil film to be released on a unprecedented scale across US.
BIG Cinemas is releasing the film in more than 30 screens across 24 locations/cities in U.S. on June 28. These include 10 own locations of BIG Cinemas.

A ‘Suriya searches for his biggest fan in U.S.’ contest has also been organised by the distributor which began on May 23 and will go on till June 7.

Surya himself will select the winner, who will get to exclusively video chat with the actor and receive autographed ’Singam’ movie merchandise which includes the police uniform and accessories worn by Surya.

“Singam is Suriya’s 25th film. Singam revolves around smuggling activities taking place in Rameshwaram. Suriya plays a cop after the stupendous hit ‘Khaaka Khaaka’ and the film is expected to have the right mix of sentiments and comedy like all other Hari films,” a Big Cinemas statement on Wednesday said.

Directed by Hari, the film also stars Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj and Vivek

Singam release postponed in Kerala!

The Kerala release of Tamil superstar Suriya’s much-awaited cop movie Singam has been postponed to June 11 by its Kerala distributor Ravi of Divya Pictures, after the Film Distributors’ Association of Kerala (FDAK) issued an unofficial order to cinema theatres not to release other language films simultaneously with the rest of the world.

Singam was to have a simultaneous release in Kerala with Tamil Nadu, where it opens on May 28.

Notably, Hrithik Roshan’s big budget Hindi film Kites was to release in 45 screens in Kerala last Friday, but could be screened only in 18 screens. Earlier, Shibu of Tameens Films, who distributes Vijay’s Sura, went against the order of FDAK and released the film simultaneously. Consequently, he was issued a ‘Red Card’ by FDAK and not allowed to function.

Meanwhile, FDAK president Siyad Kokker said: “We have made it clear that OLF can release in Kerala only two weeks after its worldwide release. The theatres are not interested in promoting Malayalam films, which are finding it difficult to get proper release.”