Bollywood keep watching Suriya

Bollywood is watching Suriya very closely it seems. His Ghajini was remade in Hindi with Aamir Khan and Asin and had record collections at the box office besides making a big star out of Asin. Aamir was full of praise for Suriya’s performance and his words influenced other leading stars to keep an eye on the wealth of talent that is Suriya.
Not surprisingly, shortly after that Ajay Devgn took a leaf out of Aamir’s book and chose to hop on the remake bandwagon. The result was that Suriya’s film with Hari, Singam was made in Hindi as Singham with Ajay and Kajal Agarwal. This film repeated the success of its predecessor and has become a milestone in Ajay Devgn’s career. The film has also given a big boost to Kajal Agarwal’s Bollywood aspirations. Anushka, who was originally asked to reprise her role, said she regretted not doing it and is waiting for her big break in Bollywood.

John Abraham is the next in line to use a Suriya film to revive his prospects in Bollywood. After delivering a few films that met with a lukewarm response from the audience, he took a break from films and was mainly in the news for his breakup with Bipasha Basu. John is dying for a hit and he has chosen Kaaka Kaaka remake as his comeback film. Genelia is his heroine and the film is called Force. Kaaka Kaaka is considered by many to be one of Suriya’s finest films and the makers of the film in Hindi are upbeat about its prospects of striking gold at the box office.

Suriya caught maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s eye and the director gave him a meaty role in his Raktha Charithra. The critics and fans loved Suriya in the film. Having had a taste of him, Bollywood is hankering for more but Suriya politely declined and made it clear that Tamil cinema is where his heart is. We are thrilled with his decision, after all who can get enough of Singam Suriya?

Suriya isn’t keen on Bollywood films

Though Suriya was not able to take the Bollywood audiences by storm with his debut film Raktha Charithra but Bollywood offers are pouring in for the actor.
Suriya was approached by many Bollywood filmmakers but he didn’t any films. The actor was not keen in doing Hindi films for time being irrespective of the role or the money. He recently wrapped up the shoot of 7am Arivu directed by Murugadoss. Suriya is currently looking forward to start KV Anand’s next film Maatraan. It’s a big budget action film in which Suriya stars in five different roles. After Maatraan Suriya is going to join director Hari for the fourth time which is an action packed entertainer.

Bollywood filmmakers are queuing up for Suriya as he looks great and also a superstar in South so, making a film with him in the lead role makes a great business plan.

Suriya not to speak Hindi

Suriya, who is making his Bollywood debut with Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Raktha Charithra’, has suggested the director to opt for a professional dubbing artiste to dub for the character played by him.
“Because, the role I play in ‘Raktha Charithra’ should be real. Audiences should get convinced with my character. Hence I wanted a dubbing artiste to do the job to maintain the nativity”, he says.

Saying that he was scared of speaking in Hindi right from school days, the actor adds: “I don’t know why. But it was always tough for me to learn Hindi, though I married a Punjabi girl and the language is often spoken at my home”.

On the film, he says, “RGV has shaped it up in a very interesting way. It is a realistic film with a raw touch”. It may be recalled that the actor roped in a Hindi tutor to get his act right on the sets of ‘Raktha Charithra’.

Amitabh lauds Suriya

Even before his first film in Hindi, ‘Raktha Charithra’ directed by Ram Gopal Varma, is released, Suriya has received accoloades from none other than Amitabh Bachchan, the Big B of Bollywood.
The top actor, who saw a few clips from the film when he met RGV recently, was in complete awe of the south Indian actor. And he had even sent a message to Suriya commending his performance in the film.

Says a happy Suriya, “I was thrilled to receive a message from Amitabh Bachchanji. He is such a tall personality and yet down to earth. His words are so encouraging and motivating. It was very sweet of him.”

Thanking RGV, he says, “It has always been my wish to act in a Ram Gopal Varma film and it is coming true with Raktha Charithra.” A trilingual, the film made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu also has Vivek Oberoi and Priyamani in pivotal roles.

RGV Speaks Suriya’S Role In Raktha Charithra

Ram Gopal Varma – The unorthodox filmmaker of Indian Cinema has been hitting headlines vividly for his trilingual flick ‘Raktha Charithra’. The film made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu features Vivek Oberoi and Suriya in lead roles. Perhaps, Suriya being spotted with diamond stud on his ear has turned spotlights on him as he stated that it’s all about marking the intense characterization of ‘Bengali Suri’.

According to Ram Gopal Varma, he has clearly admitted that none should expect any messages from this flick. It’s a pure crime-drama of conflicts between the outlandish kingpins Suri and Parithala Ravi. The film centers on a person who spends almost 7 years of time in prison and plans to bump off his rival.

When the media channels questioned about opting Suriya for both Hindi and Telugu actors, RGV totted up saying, “I think the film doesn’t require any local actors to gain popularity for this film. Surya fits the role overpoweringly and thus opted him for all the versions…”