Suriya’s 7am Arivu being dubbed in Telugu

Suriya’s forthcoming sci-fi thriller 7am Arivu is being directed by AR Murugadoss. The film will be dubbed into Hindi and Telugu as Suriya and Murugadoss has well spread market in both the languages.
7am Arivu stars Suriya in a triple role as circus artist, Buddhist monk and a scientist while Shruti Haasan played the female lead. Vietnamese actor Johnny Tri Nguyen played the antagonist in the film. Suriya trained for a six pack chiseled torso for a Kung Fu action sequence within 16 days as requested by cinematographer Ravi K. Chandran.

The story of 7am Arivu will revolve around a super machine, which is brought to India. The album, composed by Harris Jayaraj, consists of six songs including a Chinese track, sung by Chinese singer Hau.

7aam Arivu song leaked

A song starting with the lyrics Vilakaathe Nilakaathe Nilaikkathe from 7aam Arivu has leaked on the net.
From the time the news is out on the web the search for the song has started, since it is one of the most awaited films of the year of Suriya. On the other side producer of the film Udhayanidhi Stalin confesses that there is no such song in the film and he trashed it outright. Music director Harris Jayraj is still working on the songs and has said that the audio launch of 7am Arivu will be delayed as his gadgets are not working properly.

Meanwhile there is also a buzz on the climax of the film. Editor Anthony is all praises for Suriya for his awe struck Kung Fu fight during the climax. Suriya with his six-pack abs looked similar to Bruce Lee during action sequences and surely the climax of the film will be one of the highlight.

Anthony said that while performing his editing work he thought he was watching a Bruce Lee film and it was only after a few minutes he realized that he is Suriya. He also thanked stunt choreographer Peter Hein’s for coming up with outstanding and never-ever seen action sequences.

Suriya is a monk

One of the roles Suriya playing in ‘7am Arivu’ is that of a Buddhist Monk. The other two characters are a scientist and a circus artist. The film will create ripples once it hits the screens.These are the latest three things we hear about the multicrore-multilingual venture, directed by A R Murugadoss and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies.
“The movie, with enough evidence, will reveal some secrets about the origination of Kung Fu and other martial arts. It will also talk about ancient relationship between India and China,” say sources.

With Shruthi Haasan playing the heroine, ‘7am Arivu’ is said to be a scintillating thriller which will travel between the present era and Pallava period. “Suriya has given his heart and soul to the film,” sources add.