‘7aum Arivu’ cropped to suit foreign audience

Murugadoss’ latest release ‘7aum Arivu’ starring Suriya Sivakumar in the lead is having a decent run at the box office. As expected before the release, the Bodhidarma angle in the film has won a lot of thumbs up from the local and international audience with Suriya’s act as the Buddhist monk Damo, winning him positive reviews from critics.
Now sources in the industry have revealed that the film will don a new look to suit the international crowd because ‘7aum Arivu’ is gearing up to meet international audience. The technical crew is editing the film to suit international standards with the songs in the film being cropped.

Director Murugadoss needs a pat for letting the world know about Bodhidarma. This character has made some historians across the world ticking. ‘7aum Arivu’ will soon be showcased in international festivals in Indonesia and Thailand as well across Europe. The film is touted to have an international appeal due to its unique content.

Once ‘7aum Arivu’ has been touched up for the international audience it will be ready to grace theatres across the globe and win back laurels for Tamil Nadu.

Suriya is Italy bound!

Suriya’s latest release ‘7aum Arivu’ directed by AR Murugadoss fetched him good acclaim and he has received much praise for his performance of Saint Damo in the film.
Suriya is now busy shooting for his upcoming KV Anand project ‘Maatraan.’ The film sees Suriya sharing screen space with Kajal Aggarwal. This film will see Suriya in as many as four avatars reveal sources close to the ‘Maatraan’ team.

Sources now reveal that top guns of the ‘Maatraan’ team will be taking off to an undisclosed location in Italy for further shooting. The team will begin to shoot from Italy during the early 2012. Insiders reveal that some hair-raising stunt scenes are to be filmed from Italy. The stunt choreographer for this action sleek flick is Peter Hein.

The film is currently moving at a swift pace. Once the stunt scenes are shot from Italy, the climax scenes will be filmed. ‘Maatraan’ will gear up for a worldwide release during the Tamil New Year in 2012.

Suriya buys a bike

Guess why? To drop his daughter Diya at school. “She likes a lot riding a motorbike and because of her I have bought home a new two-wheeler. I drop her at school whenever I find time, of course by wearing a helmet,” says the ‘Bodhi Dharman’ of ‘7aum Arivu’.
Heaping laurels on his daughter, Suriya says, “Diya is so matured and she bonds very well with her younger brother Dev. The very first thing she does after coming back home from school is to search for Dev. Jyothika and I are gifted with Diya and Dev.”

The Sivakumars give so much importance to the two children at their home- Diya and Dev. It is a habit of the family to go out for dinner on Saturdays and these two little members decide where the elders should take them. “Yes they are the deciding authorities,” adds their uncle Karthi.

“Because, that’s how our dad celebrated three of us (he, Suriya and sister Brinda) and we are now doing the same to Diya and Dev. They are so cute and intelligent. Both share a great affection for each other and spending time with them is our important work at home,” he says.

Suriya not to introduce flag for fan club

“While I understand that fans are very very important to the growth of any actor, I don’t see any need to increase the number of fan clubs by introducing a separate flag or doing other things. I want to do different things in films alone,” said Suriya.
The actor was speaking to journalists in Chennai on Monday afternoon, regarding his recent release ‘7aum Arivu’. “There are mixed reviews for the film. But still it is huge success,” he said, adding: “I take positive and negative feedback with the same spirit.”

“Many ask whether Bodhidharman is really a Tamilian. Intense research was done by director AR Murugadoss before we commenced shooting for 7aum Arivu. So I don’t want to go further into that topic,” said the actor, who had played a Buddhist monk and a circus artiste in the movie.

On his forthcoming film ‘Maatraan’, directed by KV Anand, he said, “I feel gifted to bag such a role. It is no easy thing for any actor to do such a character. And I am happy to work with Anand after the super hit Ayan. Maatraan will be a complete commercial treat.”

7aum Arivu received tremendous response: Suriya

Suriya met the press in a jubilant and happy mood to celebrate the success of his 7 Aum Arivu and to thank the media for their support.
The actor said, “At the start of my career, I could never imagine that any film of mine would get this kind of a response as 7 Aum Arivu has got and that any of my films could do such business. The film has had a tremendous response. Many viewers who haven’t gone to the theatres in a long time have come to see this film, as per what some exhibitors have told me. A very different crowd has come to see this film at many places. Both in India and overseas the response has been terrific. I want to thank the media for their role in supporting me through my career and also pointing out any flaws which made me introspect.”

He agreed that the film had got a mixed response from the media in their reviews but added that the exhibitors, producer and director are very happy with the results. “Singham was my biggest commercial success till now but this film’s collections have surpassed that in the first ten days itself,” he said.

Asked whether he knew that Sruthi would hog so much of the limelight by her character, he said, “I knew the concept of the film and I did not strive to show heroism all through. I knew her character drives the story. But I also knew that the director would deliver the goods and that we were not trying to follow a conventional formula.”

In response to a query, the actor said that Vijay’s wife Sangeetha had seen the film and had said it was good. He added that Rajni had also seen it and said, ‘fantastic work, keep it up’. Answering a query the actor added, “Various people have been spreading news on the Net about some changes in the Telugu version. I ask people not to believe it without seeing the film. In Telugu too Bodhidharman has been shown as being from Kanchipuram only and not from elsewhere.”

The actor is now happy about the way Maatran is shaping up and said that his character is a unique one, never seen before. About news relating to Singham 2, he said, the details would be given in a few days time. The actor revealed that he is in talks with a big director for a period film but nothing is finalized as yet.

Asked to comment on Velayudham he said, “I too am doing entertaining films and its healthy trend to have films of different genres.”