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‘7aum Arivu’ cropped to suit foreign audience

Murugadoss’ latest release ‘7aum Arivu’ starring Suriya Sivakumar in the lead is having a decent run at the box office. As expected before the release, the Bodhidarma angle in the film has won a lot of thumbs up from the local and international audience with Suriya’s act as the ...
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Suriya is Italy bound!

Suriya’s latest release ‘7aum Arivu’ directed by AR Murugadoss fetched him good acclaim and he has received much praise for his performance of Saint Damo in the film. Suriya is now busy shooting for his upcoming KV Anand project ‘Maatraan.’ The film sees Suriya sharing screen ...

Suriya buys a bike

Guess why? To drop his daughter Diya at school. “She likes a lot riding a motorbike and because of her I have bought home a new two-wheeler. I drop her at school whenever I find time, of course by wearing a helmet,” says the ‘Bodhi Dharman’ of ‘7aum Arivu’. Heaping ...
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Suriya not to introduce flag for fan club

“While I understand that fans are very very important to the growth of any actor, I don’t see any need to increase the number of fan clubs by introducing a separate flag or doing other things. I want to do different things in films alone,” said Suriya. The actor was speaking to journalists ...
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7aum Arivu received tremendous response: Suriya

Suriya met the press in a jubilant and happy mood to celebrate the success of his 7 Aum Arivu and to thank the media for their support. The actor said, “At the start of my career, I could never imagine that any film of mine would get this kind of a response as 7 Aum Arivu has got and that any of my ...
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Suriya Practicing Martial Arts For ‘7aum Arivu’

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